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Discover How These Extremely Simple Websites Will Have You Up Earning Affiliate Commissions In Just Two STEPS!
For all the years that I have been creating and uploading web sites I have always had 1 big nagging question in the back of my mind....


Why Are They So Frigging Difficult To Install?..

I mean you get a great looking site (least ways it looks good on their end) and find out it's written in some kind of code that even an nuclear engineer would back away from and here you are, most likely a novice with no great coding skills and yet you are expected to be able to get it up and running in just a few 'simple' steps!

Yeah, right!

And it also seems that with every one of these so-called simple web sites you purchase you have to go through a complete learning curve on how to make them work.

I purchased 1 'simple' web site a few months ago and would you believe it came with a 52 page instruction manual!!!!

I still don't have that site up and most likely never will.

Of course I could avail myself of their services and have them install it for me but why in the name of great grannies garter belt do I want to pay them $100.00 to install the site that I only paid $20.00 for to begin with?

My guess is that this backend service is where they make the BIG MONEY and not from selling an 'inexpensive' web site.


But All That Is Changing RIGHT NOW!

When you have "2 STEP SITES" on your side you will have the fastest and easiest way possible to start bringing in those affiliate commissions from the largest site on the web, AMAZON!

Amazon carries the largest and most diversified selection of products that you could ask for and isn't it time that YOU started getting some of the commissions for helping them sell their products?

And now "2 STEP SITES" has made getting those great affiliate commissions so simple! 

You are going to really love "2 STEP SITES" just because of their simplicity.

Simple you ask? Yes!

How Simple?



Step 1: Edit Just 1 Single Line! Very Simple To Do And Full Instructions Included.
Step 2: Upload Your New Site! Very Simple To Do And Full Instructions Included.


Click on image below for full size view of actual site!

Riding Lawn Mowers

Not only are these sites really simple to set up they look great to!

 Take a quick peek at all the sites that you get in Volume 1 of "2 STEP SITES" DELUXE Amazon Sites!


Click on any image above for full size view of actual site!


Volume 1 of
2 Step Sites DELUXE Amazon Sites

contains the following titles:

All Terrain Vehicles Site
Baby Strollers Site
Mountain Bikes Site
Riding Lawn Mowers Site


Each "2 Step Sites" DELUXE Amazon Sites that you will receive contains the following to make life easier for you:

5 Product based articles

P L U S. . . .

All necessary legal pages - Not Just Blank Pages!

Your Legal Pages Consist Of The Following




Perhaps you've heard about the E.U. "COOKIE LAW" that came into effect on May 26, 2011 with the specific aim of protecting the privacy of web users by requiring that websites that receive ANY traffic from an E.U. member nation MUST request THEIR permission to place cookies on their computers.

This new law is being mentioned by such places such as ZDNET, the ICO  (Information Commissioner's Office) itself, The New York Times and many, many more. Just do a Google search for "E.U. Cookie Law and be prepared to do a lot of reading, both pro and con!

This law could very well effect you if your site relies upon any of these methods of getting people to your site and if so then you could possibly face fines of up to 500,000 [$780,000] for not being in compliance . . .


That's Right!!!!

 "2 Step Sites" DELUXE Amazon Sites has included code into the EU Cookie Law version of these sites to allow you to become compliant with the EU Cookie Law should you choose to do so.

I am not saying that you must or should use these versions as this is being strictly left up to you. In most cases I would say that it would be better to use them and thereby feel safe in complying with this law than to not use them and find out later that you are being sued by some country for violating their laws.


Each "2 Step Site" DELUXE Amazon Site Is Completely Automated For Your Convenience!

Each of the "2 Step Sites" DELUXE Amazon Sites that you will receive are fully automated for your convenience! Simply upload each site to your hosting account, start promoting your new sites and start earning your affiliate commissions!

I did say promoting didn't I? Well if you don't promote then how will anyone know that your there??

Got you covered!





So what are you waiting for? All the hard work has been eliminated for you and there's nothing to hold you back!

But right now the No. 1 question on your mind is how much? Right?

Well to be honest I could probably charge anywhere up to and possibly more than $17 for JUST 1 of these great Amazon affiliate profit making sites but that sure wouldn't help you out now would it?

Heck, even at JUST $5.00 each these sites would be a real steal.

But then again that wouldn't help you out. Would it?

Well then. . . .

What would you say if I told you that not only are you NOT going to pay that much for a single site but you can get all 4 for just....





Should you encounter ANY problems making your order, please submit a ticket at my help desk by clicking HERE.

You DO

Yep! I don't even think you can get a real decent meal for that price and here you will be getting a total of 4 great looking Amazon affiliate profit making sites for this low, low price! (That's only $1.75 EACH SITE!!!!!)

So don't wait around too long or I might just decide that this price really is to low and bump it up.

B  U  T !

Do not wait around to long to order because I forgot to tell you.....

There will be O N L Y 100 packages of this volume sold. P E R I O D!!!!!! If you wait around to long to order you just may find this message waiting for you...



So don't wait!

Get your "2 STEP SITES" DELUXE Amazon Sites Volume 1 NOW! Just click the buy button above.


You will need to have a web host for your new sites. You can get very inexpensive hosting HERE.
You will need at least 1 domain name. You can get domain names very inexpensively HERE. Your sites may be uploaded either in the root directory or into sub-directories.
You must be able to use an HTML editor (Get one free HERE) or have access to Notepad to make a simple change.
You will need an FTP program. Get one free HERE.
You will need to know how to upload your sites using FTP or cPanel. Full video instructions are provided to assist you.


Would you like to receive advance notification when the next volume is ready?

It's really easy!

Just enter your information below and you will be one of the first to receive advance notice of the next volume release so that you will not be disappointed when it says...



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